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Multifit wipers with most complete adapters - 15 adapters fit 95% cars
Yujin wiper adapters

How many adapters you have for the multifit wipers?

Many people ask ‘ How many adapters/clips do you have for the multifit wipers’ ,

For this question, we are confident to tell you that Yujin factory has the most complete adapters, strongest adapters. We have the whole set with 15 adapters, most company only have 6-12 adapters. Pls compare ours with other company,you will know how our adapters are stronger than others. 15 adapters fit 15 kinds of wiper arm: Push Button Wiper Arm, Slim Push Button Wiper Arm, U Hook Wiper Arm, Side Pin wiper arm, Top Lock Wiper Arm,Pinch Tab Wiper Arm, Bayonet Wiper Arm, Claw Wiper arm…

The most common adapters are :N01 N02 N03 N04 N07 N08 N11 N12, However if you have the whole set adapters, you will not have the problem that some customers need the wipers but you don’t have the proper to fit, your wipers will fit most of the car models,especially the newest car models. That is why our multifit wipers are popular with many wiper balde dealers, also we have the best solutions to solve the problem” how many adapters I should purchase if I place an wiper blade order“. If you purchase each wiper blade with 15 adapters, that will surely fit most car models, but your customers buy from you, and they only use one of all the 15 adapters, the left 14 adapters will be wasted and thrown away. Just come to discuss with us, we have the best solutions for you to guaranteed the adapters are enough and not wasted.

Pls check the following pictures, and find the difference between ours and other company.

  1. Exclusive designed appearance, no similar appearance design, as we have applied design patent
  2. Strong enough, never fly away, never fracture, never wobble when installed on wiper arms
  3. Easy installing, even you never change windshield wipers, it is easy for you to install our multi-fit wipers
  4. Fit both left-hand driving cars and right-hand driving cars, many wiper blades can only fit left-hand driving cars or right-hand driving cars. But all our multi-fit wipers can fit both right-hand driving cars and left-hand driving cars.

15 adaptors

adaptors for multifit wipers

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