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Are windshield wipers universal? - exact explanation

Are windshield wipers universal?

Universal means “done by or involving all the people in the world or in a particular group”. Another word, one part that can be applied to a good can be also applied to another good, Are windshield wipers universal? Many people have this question.

FOr example, a Type C USB charging cable can be used on Huawei cellphones, and can also be used on Xiaomi cellphones.

For the special wiper blades. One wiper is always universal to some car makes, but just some. The car makes must have the same size and arm type.

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This type BY714, supplied by A PRO WIPER BLADE XIAMEN CO.LTD, Yujin xiamen plastic manufacturing group. Size 24’’ can fit Citroen C3 (2010-2017), can fit Renault Clio(2008-2012), can fit Renault Megane.

What is special wiper blades? Are they really special?

No, they are not special, we also always all special wiper blade as exact fit wiper blade, just we want to distinguish it from multifit wipers, sometimes we call it as special wiper blade.

To some extent, exact fit wiper blades are universal to some car models.

For the U hook wiper blades. In most countries, especially in Asia and Middle-East countries, almost 50% car makes are  equipped with U hook wiper arms. So U hook wiper blades can fit many car makes. So for U hook wiper blades, sometimes we call them as universal wiper blades.

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For Multifunctional wiper blade. As they can fit almost all car makes by changing the adapters. Multifunctional wiper blades are also called multi fit wiper blades. The multifunctional wiper blade from A PRO WIPER BLADE XIAMEN CO.LTD, Yujin xiamen plastic manufacturing group has 16 adapters to fit different car models and the car makes. A PRO WIPER BLADE is committed to product development. Its multifunctional wiper blade fit including the newest car models. The multi-function auto wiper is the real universal wiper. So some customers sometimes refer universal wiper as multi-function wiper blade.

aerodynamic windscreen wiper
aerodynamic windscreen wiper

Now do you get the answer of ” are windshield wipers universal”. If you still not understand, pls contact us free.

A PRO WIPER BLADE XIAMEN CO.LTD, Yujin xiamen plastic manufacturing group has specialized in wipers manufacturing for 18 years. Any wiper blade you need, we have the proper type for you.


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