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BMW 5 Series in different year - BMW 5 Series wiper blade type and size

Model code of BMW 5 series

BMW 5 Series, do you know about it ?Do you know BMW E39, BMW E90, ect. means ?

Yujin wiper blade manufacture all kinds of wiper blades for BMW, For different car make of BMW, they differ on wiper arm , and wiper blade size, even the same car make, in different year, they also have different wiper arm and wiper blade size. As a wiper blade seller/ wiper blade distributor/ wiper blade wholesaler/ It is necessory for you to know what the code means.

Let us understand the code E39/E90/E28 ect.  5 series is a medium-sized sedan series produced by the German car manufacturer BMW since 1972.Competitors at the same level in terms of performance and price are Mercedes-Benz E Class, Jaguar XF, Lexus GS and Audi A6. There have been 7 generations since the first 5 series come out.

BMW E12(1972-1981)

The first generation of BMW 5 series officially came out in the autumn of 1972. The appearance is similar to the 3 series, but the volume is slightly larger.

BMW 5 Series First Generation

BMW E28(1981-1988)

The second-generation model was launched in 1981, and the appearance is not much different from the E12, mainly for the size of the headlights, anti-collision bars and taillights. The biggest feature is its four headlights of different sizes. At the same time, a diesel version and automatic transmission options are also added.

BMW 5 Series Second Generation

BMW E34(1988-1995)

The third-generation 5 series has a more luxurious appearance, which is different from the previous two generations. The 5 Series Touring was launched for the first time. At the same time, a lot of work has been done on car safety, including the addition of anti-lock braking systems, electronic stability programs, and so on.

BMW 5 Series Third Generation

BMW E39(1995-2003)

The forth generation wrote a record of total sales of 1,533,123 vehicles, and has won numerous awards worldwide. It was once known as BMW’s most successful 5 Series.
Low waistline body, but the double round headlights have been cleverly integrated into the headlights

BMW 5 Series Forth Generation

BMW E60(2003-2010)

For fifth generation of  5 Series, The body is enlarged regardless of its length or width

BMW 5 Series Fifth Generation

BMW 5 Series

BMW F10/BMW F11/BMW F07(2010-2016)

The sixth-generation 5 series launched in 2011, in addition to regular cars and wagons, also added BMW 5 series GT (F07).The engine case of BMW F10 is the same as BMW 7 series (F01) and 6 series (F12/F06). The sixth generation of BMW 5 Series consists of  BMW F10 (sedan version), BMW F11 (wagon version, marketed as Touring) and BMW F07 (fastback version, marketed as Gran Turismo) .

BMW 5 Series Sixth Generation

BMW G30/BMW G31(2016-)

The seventh generation of 5 Series consists of  BMW G30 (sedan version) and BMW G31 (wagon version, marketed as ‘Touring’)

G30/G31 is often collectively referred to as the G30.It was officially announced on 12 October 2016 and sales began in February 2017. At the same time, The fastback 5 Series Gran Turismo model from the previous generation (BMW F07) is no longer part of the 5 Series model range, and has been moved to the 6 Series Gran Turismo nameplate.

BMW 5 Series Seventh Generation

If you don’t know the wiper blade size and wiper arm type of  5 Series, pls refer to the following list.

BMW 5 Series wiper blade size

BMW 5 Series wiper arm
BMW 5 Series wiper blade size and wiper arm 

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