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wiper blade supply factory -baoyi supply premium windshield wipers

Congratulation BAREL® build the partnership with BAOYI ® wiper blade factory

BAREL® build the partnership with BAOYI ® wiper blade factory

BAOYI wiper blade factory is a professional wiper blade manufacture, which supply top quality windshield wipers. Some of our customers compare the products with some other famous brand like BOSCH, Valeo, Michelin,ect. They feel the quality is even better than some of them. The most important part for a wiper blade are spring steel and blade. If the spring steel not good enough, it can’t apply even pressure across the entire wiper length, the result is that streaks occur on your windshield after few months’ use. If the blade is not good enough, the result is that the blade aging soon, splitting in the hot weather and stiffen in the cold weather, chattering and noisy when wiping, squeaking around you, Imagine what will it be like if any of these situation occur on your windshield wipers. The cost of baoyi wiper maybe a littler higher than other brand, but the quality must be much better than other brands.

Since we have been in the windshield wiper field for 17 years, there have been many leading companies come to us by introduced by their friends or noticing our products in their market.

BAREL is a powerful company from Greece, which is mainly engaged in auto parts. Wiper blade is one of his important projects. Congratulations to BAREL and BAOYI for cooperating in the wiper project. BAREL values the power of the brand and pursues excellent product quality. Only quality can make a brand become famous.Reviewing the major well-known brands, all of them are known to consumers because of their excellent product quality, and their brands are also remembered by consumers because of their excellent quality.

Welcome to check the products with BAREL,BAREL is committed to becoming the largest auto parts wholesaler in Greece.You will not be disappointed at wiper blade supply of BAREL

wiper blade supply

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