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How to change windshield wiper blade? - bestwiperblade Wiper Blades
how to change windshield wiper blade

How to change windshield wiper blade?

How to change windshield wiper blade

How to change windshield wiper blade

Windshield wipers are an essential security feature to any vehicle. How can you tell that you require new wipers?


  • Spotting water
  • Squeaky
  • Leave a milky movie when wiping
  • Any other factor it seems your wipers aren’t performing wellBefore buying brand-new wipers, try simply cleaning the dirt and solidified rubber off your blades with a damp rag. Sometimes you can get some more life out of them this way.

Step 1: Buy Your Blades


Buy Your Blades

Prior to you go to buy them, make sure you understand the specific design of your vehicle. This consists of the year, make, design, and even more specifications such as, “type.”.

Go to your closest car body shop (or Walmart) and give them your vehicle’s details. There will many options for blades ranging from $5 to $25 each (you’ll generally require to purchase the various blades for each side).

Step 2: Remove the Old Ones


Remove the Old OnesRemove the Old OnesRemove the Old OnesRemove the Old Ones

Now that the blade and arm are separated, get rid of the blade through one of the holes on the blade. With the blade eliminated, the wiper arms are now unguarded metal, so don’t leave the arm up if you turn away to get your brand-new wipers. I like to lay down the old wiper in a way that it would capture the arm needs to it fall … just in case.

* If your tab appears broken, you can utilize a crucial to pop out the remaining nub.

Step 3: Attach the New Ones

Attach the New Ones


Attach the New Ones

Take the brand-new wiper, and insert the arm through the suitable hole, so that it presses the actual wiper up. To figure out which hole it goes through, change the hinge to be perpendicular to the wiper and line it up so that the arm’s hook will review the hinge. When the arm is inside the hole, just line the hook over the hinge and push them together. You’ll hear and feel a click when it’s snapped in. Lower the rinse, arm, and repeat and you’re completed!

Hopefully, you’ll discover a big distinction in their performance. I know I did.

You can get rid of the old wipers, or reuse them. I personally have one in my bathroom for rubbing out my mirror after showers, when it’s misted up.

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