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How to check the size of wiper blade? - bestwiperblade Wiper Blade Factory
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How to check the size of wiper blade?

How to check the size of wiper blade?

How important the windshield wiper for your visibility when driving, especially when you are driving in high speed.

Do you have the experience that you have to slower the speed when you are driving and the heavy rain come suddenly, because of the vision is not clear.

Do you have the experience that the windshield wiper fly away when driving in rainy day with the switch of wiper blade open, because the connector between wipers and wiper arms are broken.

Do you have the experience that the newly installed wipers have a good performance, however a few times’ use later, all problems occur, squeaking, chattering,streaking, ect. because the quality of wipers you bought is too bad.

Yujin wiper blade is the top 5 on quality among the auto wipers made in China, span life and perfect performance guaranteed,if the wiper blade you are applying is made from Yujin factory, Your driving safety is guaranteed, your average daily cost on windshield wipers is very economic ,because Yujin wiper are durable and long life span, and you can only replace the rubber refill strips instead of the whole wiper to save money.

Yujin wiper blade factory provide OEM service for many famous auto wiper wholesalers and car parts distributor. Wipertech wiper blade, BLOOM wiper blade, Autobacs wiper blade, BAREL wiper blade,HAWK wiper blade, Autozone wiper blade,SILUX wiper blade, DUO wiper blade,ect.

Cherish life and stay away from inferior quality wipers!!!

The rubber refill will wear out after a period of usage, as the friction with windshield, especially there are always some debris and dust on the windshield, it is more easy to make the rubber refill wear out. Some people say you need to check the wiper blade regularly, actually you don’t need to , if the performance become worse, then you check the reason , it will not be too late.

Do you have the experience that you buy wiper blade online and replace them yourself. If you buy the car wipers online, you need to know the proper wiper size of your car, and how to know the wiper blade size of your own car?

1.checking your vehicle’s user manual and the information that comes with your wiper blades for guidance.The user manual have the information of wiper blade includes the size and wiper arm type,

2.Remove the old wiper, and measure the length of wiper blade, press the wiper blade and make the rubber refill in a to measure the length of wiper bladeHow to mearsure the length of car wipershow to measure the length of auto wipers

3.You can contact with us, and tell us your car model, car make and year:

How to check the size of wiper blade? After reading this article, if you still have questions, pls contact with us freely:

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