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OTTO wiper blade and Yujin

OTTO wiper blade establish cooperation relationship with Yujin wiper blade factory

Congratulation OTTO  wiper blade established a cooperation relationship with Yujin wiper blade factory.

OTTO wiper blade
OTTO wiper blade


OTTO a famous windshield wiper blade brand in America, The brand is established in 2019 in California by  Mr. Jason Forcier. Although the brand is only established for 3 years, the brand grows rapidly in short time.  They focus on product quality with affordable price and are committed to being a vital brand of wiper blades. They specialized in the online wiper blade business, they don’t deal with any other auto parts. If they are selling inferior wiper blades. I think few people know the brand now. To be a big brand, to be a famous brand, quality products are essential and critical.

Pls remember:

Quality products +high-class service+ reasonable = success

How is OTTO founded?

Like others, I didn’t put much thought into my car’s wiper blades. Living in sunny California, it’s one of those car parts that I only think to replace once they become unsafe. In the spring of 2019, a pacific storm that pulls moisture from Hawaii dubbed an “atmospheric river” hit the Bay Area, for more than a week with heavy rains. My wife was pregnant with our first child and shared that the wiper blades on her Jeep Grand Cherokee were really bad. Being the newly protective father and husband, I drove down to the local auto parts store to replace those blades.
At the store, I realized I didn’t know what size or type of wiper blades I needed, so I waited in line to ask the store rep. He spit out a few numbers and directed me to the aisle where the wiper blades sat. I then spent the next 15 minutes searching through the various brands and different models of wiper blades to finally select a set that I thought was a good fit. An hour spent replacing wiper blades and $65 out the door. Hardly Convenient.
On the drive back, I couldn’t help but think, why do we wait to change our wiper blades until our driving vision is compromised? And why was it such a hassle to find a quality set of wiper blades at a fair price? We asked around and learned other drivers found themselves in similar situations too, so I decided to do something about it.
—–Jason Forcier
Are OTTO blades good?
—“Otto made it simple and easy. I am overly particular about quality and also keeping with originality. The blades were of excellent quality (maybe OEM) and exactly as described. Otto is now my go to wiper blade store.”
—“I’m still using the ones I gotten last Sept 2020 and they look brand new!”
—“Thank you Otto – I usually do not write reviews, BUT… I bought wiper replacements for my 2011 Audi and Nissan pick up at a local car parts store. It had been awhile since buying and replacing wipers so I went through the motions. They were all standard type blades. Come to find out Audi doesn’t do standard unbeknownst to me. I went on line to find Audi blades and came across Otto Blades. Thank you! I ordered the blades and received them in the mail a few days later that were a perfect fit. The best part was they were about 50% less than I paid at the local parts store. If I would have know this i would have bought the Nissan blades with Otto also. Great stuff and I will be buying all my future blades from Otto…”
—“Good product – Good price good product and easy to install”
If you are living in America, OTTO blades is your good option for your car. OTTO wiper blades are reliable and trustable for you. You can buy from online 1. searching “OTTO Wiper Blade”  2.
As the quality wiper blade supplier, Yujin will continue to be committed to providing high-quality products and service. If you want to develop your brand, if you want to get more sales, Pls come to us for a try. You will be amazed.  Many windshield wiper blade wholesalers have had a big success after establishing the cooperation with Yujin wiper factory.

Yujin Wiper Blade partner1

wiper blade supplier3
wiper blade supplier

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