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What wiper blade fit my car? - types of windshield wipers

What wiper blade fit my car?

The connection between the wiper arm and the windshield wiper blade is the most important consideration when choosing aftermarket replacements. The best wiper blade in the world is also the worst if it doesn’t fit. Make sure to check out the manufacturer catalog and get the right fit for your year, make, and model. the size, the wiper arm, the types of windshield wipers.

Like oil, oil filter, tires, brake pads, light bulbs, or most other automotive aftermarket parts, you have to replace the windshield wiper for your car every once in a while. If you never buy windshield wipers online and install them yourself, you may have a confusing question ‘’ what wiper blade fit my car?”.

It is a common thought that my genuine windshield wiper is a metal frame wiper, so I need to buy a metal frame type, and my genuine windshield is a hybrid wiper blade, I need to buy a hybrid type. Actually, it is a wrong thought.

You have to know the types of windshield wipers first.

Windshield wipers types


Conventional wiper blades, sometimes known as traditional wiper blades, typically use jointed metal frames with multiple contact points that hold the blade. Conventional wiper blades are the most common and affordable types of windshield wipers.

Flat/Beam( flat blade wipers)

Flat wiper blades, sometimes known as beam wiper blades, use one central connecting steel that holds a piece of specific rubber blade or silicone blade that molds to the shape of the windshield. These types of blades are more aerodynamic and are less affected by snow and ice.


Hybrid wiper blades combine features of flat and conventional wiper blades. They typically use a central connector piece while a frame is hidden by an aerodynamic spoiler/cover. It have the same function and frame structure as metal frame wipers, also it has the aerodynamic performance.


Winter wiper blades are designed to better deal with cold temperatures and freezing precipitation.

I have to say beam wiper blades are more and more popular in recent years. More and more automotive manufacturers use flat windshield wipers on the new car instead of conventional wiper blades and hybrid wiper blades because of the excellent performance of beam wiper blades. So no matter the genuine windshield wiper is a conventional type or hybrid type, you can choose beam type instead of them.

There are many types of hook for wiper arm which determines many types of connectors for wiper blades. There are a variety of different styles used to connect a windshield wiper blade to the actual windshield wiper arm. The types include hook, pin, side-lock, top-lock, pinch-tab, bayonet, push-button, slim push button, ect.

16 wiper arms
16 wiper arms

So you have to check the wiper arm of your car, then choose the right connector.


BAOYI is a professional wiper blade manufacturing factory, especially on beam-type wiper blades. The products have entered 46 countries. BAOYI wipers are well known by many car parts distributors from all over the world, BLOOM, OP, SILUX, Wipertech, hi-tec oil, Autobacs, MXR, BNR, DUO, EVO, UNIWIPER, ect.

Yujin Wiper Blade partner1
Yujin Wiper Blade partner1

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