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Mitsubishi Motors withdraws from Chinese market Guangzhou Automobile Group takes over 2023.10.30
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On October 24, GAC Group issued an announcement that the board of directors reviewed and approved the "Announcement on Related Transactions on the Reorganization of GAC Mitsubishi" and planned to implement equity adjustments and other restructuring matters for GAC Mitsubishi and GAC Mitsubishi Auto Sales Company. After the reorganization is completed, GAC Mitsubishi will become a wholly-owned subs...

Wiper Blade For Mercedes Benz W906 W907 2023.10.18
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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van (W906)(2006 - present)Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van (W907)Here we would like to talk about wiper blades for Mercedes Benz W906 and Mercedes Benz W907. Because they are totally different from normal windshield wipers. For the wiper system, the spray nozzle is equipped on the car body for most car models . But for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van W906, Mercedes-...

which is better for silicone wiper blade and natural rubber wiper blade 2023.08.24
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Please use water-repellent coating silicone wiper blades prudently!Water-repellent windshield wipers can be basically divided into two types according to the products sold on the market.First type: natural rubber + water-repellent coating. The wiper strip itself is made of natural rubber, and a material that can produce water-repellent effect is added to the lubricating coating...

Are silicone wiper blade the best 2023.03.29
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Are silicone wiper blade the best, many person are confused by this question. Silicone wiper blades have several advantages over traditional rubber blades. They tend to last longer and perform better in extreme temperatures. They are also better at resisting UV rays and ozone degradation. However, the best wiper blade for you will depend on your driving conditions, personal preference, and budget....

can wiper blade scratch on windscreen 2023.03.22
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Yes, wiper blades can scratch on the windscreen if they are not properly maintained or if they are worn out. This can happen when the rubber on the wiper blades becomes hard or cracked, or when the wiper blades are not properly installed or adjusted. Scratches on the windscreen can impair visibility and compromise the safety of the driver and passengers. Therefore, it is important to regularly ins...

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